Frequently Asked Questions


What we Sell

We sell performance parts for all modern vehicles.  We are enthusiasts & racers, we test parts, break parts, try new applications, research technologies to find what we think works best for particular applications.  If you know the parts you want, we can get them for you.  If you know the results you want, we can help you make the experienced decisions to get the most out of your vehicle.

Small list of the parts we sell, including: suspension, wheels, tires, exhaust, super chargers/turbos, aero systems, computer programmers/tuners, bumpers, LED lighting, trailer parts, recovery parts, safety parts, adventure parts, and much more!

We sell performance parts for most makes of vehicles, including, but not limited to:


What we Install

We install what we sell.  Our experienced technicians are capable to install suspension kits (lift or lowering), exhaust systems, supercharges/turbos, aero kits, programmers/tuners, bumpers, LED lighting and all the accessories.

We can assist you in selecting quality products for your installation to meet whatever your budget is, for the application & parameters you have.  We can handle the simple installations to the complex interpretation of rule specific required equipment.

Repair Services

We offer performance upgrades for your vehicle. That may include sending parts out to be re-built or modified, then re-installed by our team. One example would be suspension re-builds, we would typically send the parts out to be re-built.  Another example would be a brake upgrade, we would install a performance brake kit with all it's components, but not do a typical 'brake & rotor' service of a factory system.  We do not typically perform maintenance services, unless it's part of a larger install project.  There are many capable service shops in Pasadena as well as Blair's Speed Shop next door that do repairs everyday and can handle that type of work.

If a part that we have sold or installed needs a repair, we will gladly look at it for defects, damage, unusual wear and offer a recommendation.

Return Policy & Special Ordered Parts

Customer acknowledges that there are  NO returns on special order parts or custom fabricated items. Motorsport parts are returnable, if presented to be returned within 30 days of purchase. Please contact AGRO for a Return Authorization Number 

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs back to AGRO at their own expense. There will be a 20% restocking fee charged on all returned items. All items must be in new condition, in their original packing and/or boxes. Used parts, ill-fitting parts, partially installed parts are not returnable. Customer is notified that a credit will be issued within 2 working days from receipt and verification of returned parts.

Are all parts 50 State Legal?

AGRO sells  50 State legal & California legal parts for street & public land use.  AGRO also sells parts specifically for closed-course racing. These parts are legal for use only in competition racing vehicles as defined under California law, and are not legal for use in any other motor vehicle. Use of these parts in any other vehicle may subject you to fines and penalties for violation of federal and/or state law and can void your vehicle’s warranty. AGRO does not make any representation as to the use of the products by the customer.  The customer ultimately has control & the responsibility regarding the use of product(s). AGRO is not responsible manufacturer's representations, or legal compliance or liable for errors or omissions. 

What modifications are safe?

Recreational speed & Racing of any kind is inherently dangerous, specifically it can lead to injuries and/or death.  AGRO MOTORSPORTS does not make any guarantee or warranty or representations of protection against injuries or death. Vehicle modifications of any kind may reduce the life of the vehicle, it's components and increase wear on it's consumable parts. Modifying the performance of the vehicle may cause components to wear, fail, and/or increase damage to other indirect parts. Any wear can cause difficulty in handling with the vehicle and cause dangerous conditions leading to damage to the vehicle, other property, bodily injuries and/or death. The customer assumes these risks. AGRO Motorsports is not responsible for damage to vehicles due to use of products sold or installed. Please drive in a responsible manner.

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Shipping Policy

Damaged parts due to shipment - It is the responsibility of the recipient of the product to immediately notify the shipper and to file a claim with the shipping agent at the time the package is received. AGRO will assist in the process, however not responsible for the costs or damages, as AGRO has no control over the shipper.

What we do with 'take-off' parts

‘Take off parts’ that have been removed from vehicles during modifications will be disposed of at the discrepancy of AGRO.  The customer may request 'take-off' parts be returned to the customer when agreeing to complete the work, prior to beginning the work.  The customer has 3 days from the day the vehicle is completed to pick up those requested parts.  AGRO may dispose, recycle and/or sell 'Take-off' parts.

Guaranty & Warranty Disclaimers

The ONLY guarantees and warranties applying to sold & installed part(s) are those which may be offered by the manufacturer. The selling and/or installing dealer hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either expresses or implied, including any implied warranties of merchant-ability or fitment for a particular application/purpose/vehicle, and neither assumes any liability in connection with the sale of the part(s) and/or installation. Buyer shall not be entitled to recover from the damages to property, damages for loss of use, loss of time, loss of profits, or income, or any other incidental damages.

Installation Disclaimers

Charges for labor are not based on actual technician's time, but are based on industry standards or calculated from previous experience of like work.  You will be charged no more than the estimated price approved by you.

If we discover that additional work is needed due to conditions of the vehicle, applications, previously modified components, and/or recommended additional work, you will be contacted for your advance approval of a revised estimate unless you agree otherwise.

Customer is notified that the property is not insured or protected to the amount of the actual vehicle value, or otherwise, against loss due by theft, fire or vandalism. 

Customer states no articles of personal property have been left in the vehicle and dealer is not responsible for articles left in or on the vehicle or AGRO property.

AGRO is not responsible for unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipment beyond dealer’s control. 

AGRO reserves the right to sublet work, drive the vehicle as part of the work, or test-drive vehicle.

All charges for repairs including labor and material furnished are due and payable simultaneously with the delivery of the vehicle or prior to delivery upon the expiration of three (3) days after notice that the repairs have been completed. If the vehicle is not picked up or arranged to be picked up within three (3) days after notice, a storage charge of $100.00 per day will be made for each day thereafter. 

AGRO is authorized to deliver the vehicle any person presenting receipt of payment.  AGRO does not verify ownership, lien holders, or other parties.

In addition to any and all other legal remedies available, AGRO has the right to lien a vehicle for all charges for repairs, including labor and parts, storage and/or towing, and to enforce such lien.


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