Is a professional performance shop, providing products & installation services for the enthusiast and racer, Sportsman or Pro. 


The AGRO team has been involved with the automotive enthusiast world for decades, from spectating to racing, throughout the spectrum.  Yes, we are active fans of recreation, racing, testing limits and speed.

You can find us in Pasadena, CA researching components, assimilating technologies, upgrading customers' vehicles and preparing for the next event.  We can also be found on the road, off-road and at the tracks.

AGRO encourages learning, experiencing and enjoying performance components for all vehicles, in a safe & controlled manner.  

With our vast knowledge of the wide variety of performance parts & their use, we believe that we can excel at customer service & quality work at a fair price. 


AGRO provides sales & Installations of industry leading performance parts.  Our experienced technicians strive to understand the product functions, applications and limitations to meet the customer's requirements.

We welcome inquiries and enjoy discussing guidance that meet the customer's specific demands.

We have many industry relationships that allow us to provide solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

We even carry safety gear, recovery gear & trailer/shop gear.

Our customers range from daily drivers, high performance super cars, recreational, adventurers, rally racers, to road-course & off-road sanctioned racers.


No matter what you drive, ride, or race,  we believe that you cannot excel without the relationships created while keeping up with new technologies, techniques & products in the quest to go faster.  Whether it's meeting up for coffee, visiting vendors, watching a race or participating in sanctioned events, those relationships and experiences are what make us go faster.